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Tips for the House Committee

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A house committee is a very important role so that the building can be tidy, well maintained and the operation of the building will work properly and smoothly.

The house committee serves as a representative of the tenants and its role is to manage the common space.
Of course the level of operation on the part of the house committee varies whether it is a high-rise building or a smaller property.

Role of the House Committee

  • Collection of funds from the tenants.
  • Issuance of receipts for payment.
  • Payment of current accounts.
  • Be in touch with service providers such as cleaners / gardeners / electricians and more.

We have all encountered sad stories of disagreements between a particular tenant and the House Committee or vice versa. We would like to prevent such situations and therefore will share tips that will help you conduct yourself in a much simpler way than it seems to you!

House Committee Management – How to keep it quiet?

  1. Treat all tenants equally and professionally, just like a service provider hired by tenants.
    Charge the house committee fee regularly on a fixed date, so you will avoid “chasing” tenants who have not yet paid.
    Remember! If some tenants do not pay the house committee on time, the committee’s coffers will be lower, which could result in damages that would be more expensive to deal with in the future.
  2. The purpose of the committee as we have noted is representation for all tenants, so that the tenants will enjoy a well-kept structure.
    Occasionally disagreements may arise between the committee and the tenants, at this point it is important to maintain the housing culture and resolve things in a professional and pleasant manner.
    Do not forget that the House Committee invests its personal time in fulfilling your requests.
  3. The election of a house committee should be conducted in a calm manner and allow each candidate to have his or her say at the tenants’ meeting.
    It should be taken into account that a candidate who works around the clock is unlikely to be able to represent the tenants effectively in the event of a malfunction.
    The house committee must have flexibility in times to make sure everything is indeed handled quickly and smoothly.
  4. Management of the house committee should be conducted in a transparent manner for the sake of all the building tenants.
    All expenses such as: cleaning (including cleaning materials), pesticide, electrician, plumber, etc. will be recorded in an expense accounting ledger.
    Of course tenants payments to the committee is recorded properly in the tenants ledger .
  5. In the event of a malfunction (rather than routine care such as cleaning) it is very important to update the tenants on your own initiative to be aware of the problem.
    It is now possible to open a group on WhatsApp and update there (streamlines the process amazingly!)
    If you do not update and one of the tenants recognizes the problem, the tenant may feel the need to complain to you about the problem and why it is not being addressed. Once the committee updates on its own initiative it shows responsibility towards the tenants and shows that the problem is already being addressed and will be resolved soon.
  6. There are many tenants who believe that if there is a turnover every year or more in the house committee it can share the burden and also let another tenant take part in the management of the building and dealing with the tenants, of course replacing the house committee requires voting of the tenants.
    If the tenants are satisfied with the house committee and it does its job faithfully, we believe there is “no need to replace a “winning horse.

In conclusion, it is important to involve the House Committee (of course if doing the job properly) and show understanding when it comes to a more complex malfunction.

Remember to professionally conduct with the tenants and treat everyone equally.

If you are a very busy person, it is not advisable to nominate yourself as candidates for a House committee.

Most importantly, turn the building into a home, decorate the stairwell with flowerpots that give a pleasant feeling when entering the building.


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