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The Projects Division of Koren Structures and Systems Ltd.

Provides a range of installation and maintenance services for the institutional and private sector in Israel.

The service package includes electrical systems; Communication Systems; safety and security systems; And entry systems and aisles.

Concentrating all the services under one roof ensures an optimal professional response, which helps the quality of the execution processes and compliance with a schedule adapted to the progress of the work.

Projects that are excuted by the projects division are suitable for both new facilities and or buildings under construction and for upgrading existing ones. They are performed by skilled work teams with dedicated training and proven experience.

The systems and products used by the company in the various installations are from leading international brands, excel in high quality and advanced and meet the requirements of existing standards.

The work processes are carried out under close supervision and supervision at every stage of the project until its completion.

Koren Buildings and Systems holds a 160 A registered contractor license from the Ministry of Construction and Housing, as well as a “service contractor” license from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Projects Division Services

The company is constantly updated with all the innovations and advanced technologies in its areas of activity, in order to ensure optimal product quality and uncompromising installation and execution services.

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