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Koren Structures and Systems Ltd. is a contractor for the design and execution of electrical work at low voltage and without current limitation

The staff entrusted with these processes is a skilled team with proven experience and licensing required for electrical work, including:

  • Installation of structure control systems
  • Installation of lighting for the issue in accordance with the needs required in the various areas of the site / space given.
  • Performing thermographic tests
  • Installation of electrical panels, including periodic treatments, to ensure their proper and safe functioning.

The company uses quality products from the best leading companies in Israel and around the world, and guarantees the quality of the product and workmanship.

Koren Structures and Systems cooperates with leading lighting importers and carries out projects for the replacement and upgrade of interior and street lighting.

The company’s clients include leading contractors in the various construction industries, as well as commercial corporations, municipalities and local authorities for which Koren Buildings and Systems has carried out hundreds of successful projects.

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