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About Koren Structures and Systems Ltd.

About Koren Structures
and Systems Ltd.

Koren Structures and Systems Ltd. is a leading and pioneering company in the field of management and maintenance services of buildings and systems for the institutional and private sector in Israel.

The company was founded in 2010 by Radik Koren, a graduate of Electrical Engineering Command and Control, who identified the needs as they change with the pace of time, and established a professional company whose purpose is to provide a range of advanced services for the variety of requirements and needs that characterize the modern building MBM (Modern Building Management).

The concept underlying the company’s activities is to meet all the requirements of management , installation of systems and maintenance of buildings under one roof. At the same time, throughout the years of its existence, the company has taken great care of the professional quality of the work teams, high standards and unrivaled service, and it is them who give it its unique character.


Koren Structures and Systems business and private division employs more than 80 skilled work teams to perform a range of tasks – from ‘soft’ services (maintenance, supervision, collection, etc.) to technical services (installation and maintenance of electrical systems, lighting, communication systems and networks, doors and gates, safety and security, fire and smoke detection and more.

Thanks to a comprehensive variety of quality services that provide a solution to every need in the One Stop Shop model , the customer base of Koren Buildings and Systems is constantly growing.
Among our customers:

Shufersal Group, Mercantile Discount Bank, the Technion, construction companies, local authorities as well as luxury residential towers.


Koren Structures and Systems – the right choice

All services under one roof – the company provides a comprehensive solution for projects – commencig from import, and/or production of systems and products to installation and maintenance. The services are intended for operations and maintenance managers, contractors and construction developers, and complex managers in the private and public institution sectors such as: food chains, banks, shopping centers, malls and more.

Uncompromisingly high standards – the company employs skilled professionals with dedicated training and proven experience, including electrical, electronics and construction practical engineers, and certified professionals. In order to ensure quality, professionalism, service and reliability without any compromises, the company invests resources in training and certification of work teams in Israel and around the world, and equips its employees with the most advanced equipment and the best contemporary technology.

Professional management – Each stage of the project implementation process is accompanied by close supervision of the company’s management, using the leading computerized management and supervision systems and applications (SLA).

Licenses and Standards – Koren Buildings and Systems holds a 160 A registered contractor license from the Ministry of Construction and Housing , as well as a “service contractor” license from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Representatives of Koren Structures and Systems will be happy to be at your service around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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