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Management and maintenance services for institutions and commercial centers

Koren Structures and Systems provides operational, maintenance and accounting services to public institutions, business institutions, and commercial centers, as a  comprehensive response to all their buisness needs.

The concentration of the various areas and the resources available to it makes Koren Buildings and Systems a one-stop-shop for its customers, in which case it takes care of all the needs of the institution / center, including the ongoing maintenance of the facilities under its responsibility.

The company’s divisions employ over 80 work teams with dedicated training to perform the required tasks, both technical tasks and ‘soft’ services. Thanks to an organizational model that relies on manpower employed by the company, Koren Buildings and Systems is prepared at all times to provide an efficient and quick response to any challenge and on any scale.

In order to establish an optimal and cost-effective service umbrella, the company, in collaboration with the customer, formulates a long-term maintenance strategy tailored to its requirements and needs, while examining and adjusting them to the given budget.

Among the institutions that benefit from its services are:

Shufersal Group, Mercantile Discount Bank, local authorities, educational institutions, guest houses, private commercial complexes and office buildings.

The services provided by the company are tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements through

Two main routes:


Maintenance services based on service calls and framework agreements

Suitable for customers with a technical department and / or a construction department and a price list of services adapted (Ramdor, Dekel, etc.) to perform the variety of work required.


Ongoing management and maintenance service

Suitable for business customers who wish to entrust the operation of the management, maintenance and ongoing services tasks
to a skilled professional body, thus ensuring optimal, proper and efficient conduct

The ‘soft’ services include:

  • Partial / full collection and bookkeeping, including production of periodic reports, handling debtors and refusers of payment, cash flow management, including preservation funds, investments and production of tenders.
  • Facility Manager / Site Manager Services.
  • Ongoing cleaning services, which include the use of mechanization and materials tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Ongoing gardening, yard and pest control services.
  • Operation and management of tasks for service providers, such as elevator companies, periodic inspections of engineers and consultants, etc.
  • Keep an events log for event rooms and conditional access control systems for areas that require periodic permits.

The technical services include:

  • Handling and maintenance of electro-mechanical systems, including generators, compressor and ventilation blowers, electric barriers and gates, automatic doors, pumping and pressure systems. The service is provided in accordance with T.I. 1525 Part 2.
  • Drinking water reservoirs – periodic cleaning, disinfection and sampling of drinking water reservoirs according to the Public Health Regulations and 1525 Part 2.
  • Pools and spa systems – treatment of material dosing systems, pumping and circulation, including performing a water quality sampling according to the Public Health Regulations and T.I. 1525 Part 2.
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems according to T.I. 129 Part I and T.I. 1928.
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire and smoke detection systems according to T.I. 1220 Part 11.
  • Inspection and maintenance of Backflow Preventer according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health T.I 4426.
  • Inspection and maintenance of solar water heating systems according to T.I. 579 Part 4.
  • Inspection and treatment of low-voltage electrical panels without a current limit in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Law 1954, including performing a thermographic scan and periodic LT inspection.
  • Periodic treatment of sewer systems and gutters, detection of leaks and opening of blockages by innovative means.
  • Maintenance of communication, protection and security systems, including intercom, access control, alarm, cameras, etc.

The company provides a variety of additional services in accordance with special needs arising from the structure and / or unique requirements of the customer.

The ongoing and proper conduct of an institution / center is essential and of great importance
Koren Structures and Systems is the right answer to its existence.

Koren Structures and Systems holds a 160 A registered contractor license from the Ministry of Construction and Housing, as well as a service contractor license from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

The company’s policy is characterized by great flexibility in everything related to the type of customer care: from a single service call to the permanent and long-term management of the center / institution.

The company has professional management teams with extensive experience in maintaining various types of institutions, which provide an efficient and fast response to customer calls around the clock.

All employees of the Company are directly employed by it (as opposed to outsourcing and / or subcontracting) and have a high commitment to it and to its policy of activity.

The company insures it employes service oriented employees having excellent communication skills in order to ensure adequate and close communication with its customers, while conducting periodic satisfaction surveys to verify the quality of service.

The company advocates full transparency in everything related to information and the day-to-day conduct of the business institution, and makes sure to provide customers with periodic balance sheet reports.

The company provides its customers with an advanced website with a personal area for each customer; On the site you can find information about the structure, including plans, drawings, guarantees, payment and billing tables, invoices, etc.

This technology allows full exposure of everything that happens in the business at any given moment.

Customers have a 24/7 call center and there is also the option of instant communication via WhatsApp and through an app.

All media interfaces with industry-leading SLA systems.

The company undertakes to respond immediately to every call:
up to forty minutes in the event of an emergency call, and up to one day for any call.

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