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Management and maintenance of towers and residential complexes

Koren Structures and Systems specializes in the management and maintenance of large towers and residential complexes (MBM – Modern Buildings Management).

The company has gained a reputation based on over a decade of proven experience and success in managing hundreds of residential towers and thanks to a number of unique parameters that are perceived as essential among house committees and tenants.

The one-stop-shop umbrella, which includes, among other things:
professional technical services along with soft operation and maintenance services, allows the company to provide a comprehensive solution to all the needs and challenges of the modern tower. This along with availability, accessibility and the ability to provide a professional and creative response to diverse requirements and requests.

Koren Structures and Systems invests in skilled and experienced professionals employees and in their continued training. The company also takes care to equip its employees with the most advanced equipment and the best technology, to ensure maximum response to the well-being and satisfaction of tenants.

The company’s variety of services

Soft Services

  • Partial / full collection and bookkeeping, including production of periodic reports, handling debtors that are refusing to pay.
    Cash flow management including preservation funds, investments and the production of tenders.
  • Housekeeper services and provision of preventive and fracture operation and maintenance solutions.
  • Ongoing cleaning services that include the use of mechanization and materials tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Ongoing gardening, yard and pest control services.
  • Operation and management of service providers’ tasks, including elevator companies, engineers and consultants for periodic inspections and more.
  • Keeping an events log for events and conditional access control systems for service rooms that require periodic permits such as:
    gyms, pool, spa, etc.

Technical Services

  • Handling and maintenance of electro-mechanical systems, including: generators, compression and ventilation blowers, electric barriers and gates, automatic doors, pumping and pressure systems, all in accordance with T.I. 1525 Part 2.
  • Drinking water reservoirs – periodic cleaning, disinfection and sampling of drinking water reservoirs according to the Public Health Regulations and 1525 Part 2.
  • Pools Spa systems – treatment of materials dosing systems, pumping and circulation, including sampling of water quality according to the Public Health Regulations and T.I. 1525 Part 2.
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems according to T.I. 129 Part I and T.I. 1928.
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire and smoke detection systems according to T.I. 1220 Part 11.
  • Inspection and maintenance of MZH (prevents backflow) according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health T.I 4426.
  • Inspection and maintenance of solar water heating systems according to T.I. 579 Part 4.
  • Inspection and treatment of low-voltage electrical panels without a current limit in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Law 1954, including performing a thermographic scan and periodic LT inspection.
  • Periodic treatment of sewer systems and gutters, detection of leaks and opening of blockages by innovative means.
  • Maintenance of communication systems, protection and security, including intercom, access control, alarm, cameras, etc.

We are prepared to provide additional diverse services according to the unique needs of the customers and the characteristics of the residential tower.

Why Koren Structures and Systems is the best solution for the building’s occupants?

  • The company has a professional and experienced management team that oversees the maintenance of the building and provides an efficient and agile response to the tenants’ calls when needed, around the clock.
  • All the personnel are company’s employees and are not outsourced as subcontractors and hence high commitment to both the company and its customers.
  • The company’s employees are endowed with extremely high human relations, which allows for close communication with the tenants.
    The company also periodically conducts tenant satisfaction surveys for the purpose of maintaining and improving the service.
  • The company provides tenants with periodic balance sheet reports and advocates full transparency in everything related to information and the day-to-day conduct of the building.
  • We operate a 24/7 call center for customers.
    We also provide immediate response during business hours via WhatsApp and the app and are committed to arriving within 40 minutes in an emergency and up to a day for any further request. 
    All media interfaces with industry-leading SLA systems.
  • We have a “service contractor” license from the Ministry of Labour and Welfare. This license is granted after an in-depth examination of the company’s reliability, salary payments and other parameters that are examined before the issue and renewal of the license.

Representatives of Koren Structures and Systems are at your disposal around the clock 24 hours a day

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