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Automatic doors: power and reliability, safe and quiet operation over time and aesthetic design

Koren Structures and Systems Ltd. specializes in installing quality automatic doors made in Italy, in private and commercial buildings throughout the country

Installing automatic doors has significant advantages , the first of which is convenience:

• There is no need to “clear” the hands to open the door, which opens by itself and reveals a comfortable passage inside.

This advantage is especially significant for people with disabilities who have difficulty in movement and mobility, and are required to use aids such as a wheelchair or crutches.

• Another advantage, no less significant, relates to the door’s handling of extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, as there is no fear that it will slam hard and cause the glazing to shatter and, God forbid, injury.

Since opening the door does not require human hand contact leaving a fingerprint, it remains clean, which these days is gaining momentum.

The existing range of sliding doors includes a variety of automatic mechanisms designed for doors with a continuous cycle of operation.
The speed and deceleration of the operation of the doors, navigated by means of an advanced electronic control system; Technology that ensures fast, accurate and harmonious movements, thus making them have maximum reliability.

The doors are offered with a built-in wireless receiver, which allows for varied control of their operation; Using a numeric keypad (intercom / encoder), an app, a wall-mounted button, or using a remote control.

The rails integrated in the door systems are made of aluminum to ensure efficient and optimal mechanical function over time, and the shock-absorbing profile greatly reduces the vibration transmitted to the structure, and almost completely neutralizes noise.

The technological and mechanical qualities that are folded in the automatic doors are complemented by a compact and designed appearance that contributes an aesthetic touch to the place of installation.

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