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Charging an electric vehicle in a shared house

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The electric vehicle sales industry in Israel is currently booming, and this industry is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Following the new agreement with Tesla Electric Car Company, many of their models can be seen on the roads.

An electric vehicle is considered to be more economical and environmentally friendly and so is awareness of it all the time.

Charging an electric car at home – a solution or a new problem?

Along with the joy of driving a quiet electric vehicle, a new dispute may arise if you share the building with other tenants.

One of the questions that arises regarding charging the electric vehicle is – who will pay for the power consumption in the common space?

Owners of electric vehicles need to install a charging station in the parking lot of a shared building and it is important to prepare for this in advance even before purchasing the vehicle.

In addition, you will need to install the charging station in the private parking lot and take care of the measures that prevent electricity.

Installing a charging station for an electric vehicle – how to facilitate the process

Few people today have encountered the dilemma and consequences of a charging station in a shared residential building.

There are a number of questions and concerns that arise regarding the charging position:
Will this disrupt the power supply to the tenants?
What is the health aspect of the matter?
What is the cost of installing the charging station?
And other questions arising from lack of knowledge in the field.

To avoid discomfort with our dear neighbors there are a number of things that are important to know about charging station for electric vehicle in a shared building

There are two ways to perform the installation:

  • The first option:
    from a private electricity source of the tenant who owns the electric vehicle (private electricity expenses).
    In this case there is no dispute between the tenants about the use because it is at the expense of the tenant’s private electricity.
  • The second option:
    a common source of electricity for all tenants.

Disputes with tenants can arise in cases where it is not possible to connect the charging station to a private power source.

When it is possible to install the charging station for shared electricity, it is important to assume that all tenants can use a charging station in reasonable use so that everyone can enjoy it .

Following the demand for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles in the common space, there are technologies that can calculate how much power each tenant has utilized and thus the distribution of payment is divided among the tenants according to the amount of consumption.

What is important to make sure before installing an electric car charging station?

  • In order for us to be able to implement the installation of the charging station, it is important that it will be approved in advance – all the tenants must agree to install the charging stations in the common space – in the electrical cabinet and in the parking lot.
  • It is important to hire a qualified electrician whose job is to examine all the data and what it takes to install the charging station.
    ** It is important to emphasize, since the charging station requires its own circuit breaker, the power connection will be made by connecting a power cable directly from the power board to the charging station.
  • The type of charging station should be adapted to the structure that meets the need for the existing electrical infrastructure.
  • When installing the charging station it is important to make sure there is minimal damage to the front and visibility of the building.
  • There are situations where there are power problems and it is not possible to install charging stations, the tenant is prohibited from installing the charging station on his own until the power problem is solved.

In conclusion, following the new awareness and the growing acquisition of electric vehicles that is expected to skyrocket in the coming years we will experience changes in the common structure.

It is important that the entire installation process is carried out in a transparent manner with the tenants, including information so as not to provoke controversy due to lack of knowledge in the field.

It is recommended to perform aesthetic work so that the appearance of the building is not damaged.

Turn to qualified installers for professionalism.

Full responsibility for peace of mind.

Good Luck!

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