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How to make the conduct of the house committee simpler and without unnecessary headache? That is the milion dollar question! (Depending on the value of the property) and we will show you how it is possible!

The conduct of the house committee varies depending on the nature of the property, for example: a small property as a tenant building with 2-3 floors without an elevator and on each floor there are 2 apartments.
In such a case, the conduct of the house committee will be relatively simple, the committee’s activities will be limited to gardening if necessary, electrical work in the common area, sewerage, cleaning the building, paying bills (low cost in relation to properties such as high-rises) and handling faults when necessary.

Usually one of the permanent tenants in the building will be responsible for collecting the money, contacting various service providers and taking care of the gardening / cleaning times of the building at regular times.

When it comes to a small property, we usually do not experience disagreements between the tenants and the house committee.

Management of a house committee in a high-rise building

When it comes to a larger property such as a high-rise building or residential tower and a property with an elevator,
maintenance costs are higher, the house committee has more responsibility to make sure everything is working properly.
The committee must also try to please all the occupants of the building (usually this becomes an impossible task).

In many cases the person in charge of the house committee will have to be absent from work for the benefit of the service providers he has ordered to deal with a particular malfunction,
which may lead to further arguments in an attempt to find an escort for the service provider.

If it’s not simple, it will not happen!

To avoid unpleasant situations and disagreements with the building’s occupants, the best solution is to hire the services of a professional management company.

A building management and maintenance company solves all these problems easily

A building management company takes care of a proper and professional collection system of the committee fees, a pre-defined plan of cleaning and gradening work for the building and especially quick treatment of various maintenance, electricity or water problems of the building.

Everything is of course subject to the building’s house committee but in a pleasant manner, without arguments or interaction with the occupants of the building.

Such conduct allows the house committee to manage the cleaning and maintenance of the building efficiently with positive results for all the occupants of the building and in maintaining a quiet and pleasant atmosphere throughout the year.

Using a professional management company has many benefits

  • Routine care of the building is usually done during the day when most people are at work, which saves the need to preoccupy an attendant on behalf of the house committee, without having to miss workdays in favour of these jobs.
    The management company is responsible for carrying out the work during the day.
  • Flexibility in dealing with different service providers is another advantage not only in terms of working hours, but also of who the management company has decided to employ for the same job (if the work is not performed by the company’s employees).
  • The management companies are very experienced in handling various faults in the building and for the most part, the management companies will maintain the building better than the house committee.
  • Quick response time to troubleshooting is one of the prominent advantages of management companies, usually failure handling will take up to 48 hours from the moment of reading – unless it is an emergency where treatment will be carried out immediately.
  • Objectivity is the name of the game – the management companies are more objective compared to the house committee,
    it is easier for the management company and maintenance to bridge disputes between the tenants and collect the committee fees. 

To give you the big picture it is important to note that a building management and maintenance company, like any other company provides a service to the building’s occupants, so house costs will be higher , but headache costs will be lower!
Of course the costs vary between the types of property, if it is a 20-storey property, the overall expenses will be higher than a 5-storey building.

In conclusion, in larger buildings when routine care is more challenging and requires a professional handling, it is highly recommended to hire a professional management company that will give you peace of mind.

It is very important to check out about the management company before agreeing to work with them.
You want a trustworthy management company and there is no better test than at time of crisis.

It is true that the committee’s costs will be higher when a management company is involved, but the handling of faults will be smooth, fast and professional!

Most importantly, the management companies prevent disagreements between the tenants and the building remains well maintained!

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