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Many residential buildings suffer from the problem of water pressure imbalance in all the apartments in the building or in most cases in the apartments located on the upper floors. This is because water systems fail to regulate the changing use loads of building water consumption.

For this reason, there are cases where we move into a new apartment, especially on a high floor where it is not always possible to enjoy continuous and strong water pressure. Tenants face a problem of lack of water pressure while showering, washing dishes or drinking water.

In most cases when it comes to the third floor we will not feel the problem of water pressure, because most municipalities take care of proper infrastructure, but when it comes to a higher floor, it can certainly adversely affect the simple actions we do.

That’s why we decided to shed some light on the subject to help guide you exactly how to solve the problem.

How to solve a problem of lack of pressure Hot or cold water in the shower

When we experience low water pressure in the shower it can indicate on a spot problem. In older buildings there is sometimes a problem of old and neglected pipes that cause blockage and lowering of the water pressure.

Most often, when it comes to a new residential building with a problem of lack of water pressure, it is caused as a result of the height difference from the ground.

The question arises – how can the water pressure problem be solved?

The most efficient solution – a pump for increasing advanced water pressure .

You will be happy to know that in case you want to purchase a pump to increase water pressure only for a certain apartment – it can be done.
You can also adjust a pump to increase water pressure for an entire building or even just for a particular floor.

What is important to know before purchasing a water pressure boosting pump

  • If you purchase a pump to increase water pressure for the entire building, it is important to agree with all tenants who will pay for the pump and installation.
    All the tenants? Only the tenants on the upper floors who feel the difference?
  • Do a market survey about the types of pumps for increasing water pressure that exist today and what is most recommended.
  • Remember that a good water pressure pump will solve the problem for you easily.

Before installing a water pressure pump it is important to make sure it is not an old plumbing system

The reason is – increasing water pressure in old pipes can cause cracks, and pipe explosion , an unpleasant situation that can be easily avoided with prior inspection.

When there is an agreement among all the occupants of the building to install a pump to increase water pressure, it is recommended to allocate a special pump room, these pumps are designed to flow water to the higher floors without interruption.

It is highly recommended to check that the pump for increasing water pressure is not noisy, this decision will keep the peace of mind of all the occupants of the building.

Another solution is to create external pressure bypasses, this solution is recommended in buildings where the piping is in excellent condition and not neglected .

External pressure bypasses move a water pipe from the boiler / water clocks towards the house to increase the water pressure.

Remember! If there are old pipes, an external pressure bypass is only a temporary solution!

If this is not a temporary solution, it may affect the pressure in the old pipes which will cause cracks and explosions in the pipes.

In conclusion:

  • Before deciding to install a pump to increase water pressure, it is important to rule out a spot problem like a blockage.
  • Find out if the other tenants feel a lack of water pressure and harness them all for improving the comfort at the building.
  • A quiet water pressure boost pump brings peace of mind to the occupants.
  • Consult with an expert in the field to avoid future discomfort.
  • Do a market survey before purchasing a pump to increase water pressure.

Koren Structures and Systems provides a design and adjustment service for pumps for increasing water pressure according to the needs of each building and in order to choose the best and most cost-effective system for it.

And good luck!

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